The Cliqon documentation cookbook is equivalent to the flexible ring binder that many of us, who enjoy cooking, have in the kitchen to keep recipes that we have found or downloaded from the internet. The  initial published Cliqon Cookbook will contain several sections. The first section will contain definition details of the expected page types that tend to populate the majority of presentational websites and beyond. The list includes single page websites (SPAs), home pages, rich content pages, listing pages for useful links and documents, galleries, calendars, forms and so on.

At a different level, we are very fond of CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap and Pure, or ideas that inspire frameworks such as Material Design. The Cookbook will provide detailed examples of how to integrate Cliqon multi-lingual strings and components within templates with these CSS Frameworks.

At another level, we are also fond of Javascript frameworks such as Vue and Angular, supporting Javascript general libraries such as jQuery or application specific libraries such as FullCalendar or Morris. The Cookbook will provide detailed examples of how to integrate the Javascript libraries into Cliqon components, templates and files.

We will show you a complete example of how to integrate Cliqon with an HTML template that we have downloaded from the internet.

As the months and years progress the list of recipes in the Cookbook will grow. It will become a miscellany of ideas on how to use Cliqon for different purposes.

Cliqon contains the following modules for immediate use. Additional pages and even modules can be created very quickly so that the system can grow and change to meet the needs of the web site owner.

Rich content pages

Cliqon contains the tools to manage a wide variety of different designs. Complete web pages can be stored in the database and edited with an on-Cliqon web page editor. Web pages can take the form of templates with a series of snippets of textual content displayed in appropriate places.

Useful web Cliqon

The system contains a module that provides multi-lingual web Cliqon to other web sites. This can be used as a simple internet directory or search engine.

Document library

This module manages a library of downloadable files and documents. These files could be PDF documents for use by the sales and technical departments or lists of other types of downloadable files and documents.

Digital News

A comprehensive facility is provided to manage digital news items. These items are stored in such a way that they comply with the requirements of a RSS2 news feed.

Events Diary

A modified version of the news module is provided to present a calendar of future events. The diary can be presented as a listing of events on a week by week basis and also as a graphical calendar.


Cliqon includes a simple Catalogue module with which to display items for sale and to act as a shop window for products and items such as properties and boats. The Catalogue supports a shopping cart which records the items for sale, which can then be mailed as an order to the web site owner or transferred to PayPal for payment by credit card.


A module is included to display a gallery of images as a slideshow.

Forms and Reports

Comprehensive facilities exist to design and develop a wide range of forms and reports. Forms can be used to input and manage information on the system and the reports designed to present information to both web site owner and visitor in ways that are unique to the needs of the particular web site.

Site Search and Map

Facilities to search the Site and its contents are provided plus a module to generate a Site Map.

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