This is the first of four sections - Data Entry, Storage, Processing and Display, which are the key elements of the system design for a coherent, device independent system. It will describe the several ways that data can be entered into a Cliqon system at a detailed level.

In general the system design will anticipate that a significant expenditure of time will be undertaken in the creation of forms that will be used by operators and users of the site to enter data. However, a Cliqon system is not limited to data input via forms. Thus a sub-section is devoted to the concept of of Cliqon responding to data input from other sources than via screen and keyboard.

There is a direct correlation between the design of the forms and the purpose of the view that stores the form or its template. As the authors of Cliqon, we are generally responsible for the design of the forms that are used in the Administration and Installation modules. As a Developer, you will be responsible for all the others. We have chosen to use a variation of Bootstrap 4 for the admin system. If your front end website design uses Bootstrap 4, you will be able to take advantage of the default Cliqon Forms Class.

We confidently expect that Forms Classes that use other CSS Frameworks will be made available as additional Cliqon Modules.

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