Cliqon is a website development system and application development system, created with PHP server-side scripts plus a combination of HTML, CSS and Javascript files to power a content management and administration system. It utilises the latest programming methodologies. It allows designers and developers to create web sites and applications for customers, extremely quickly and without many of the limitations that appear prevalent in competing systems.

It has been designed to resolve four key issues in modern European web site design and development:

  • dynamic database driven
  • fully multi-lingual
  • presentational design independent
  • flexible and feature rich

Any of these items, when taken on their own, is a justification for choosing Cliqon as your preferred web site development environment or framework but when combined, they represent a compelling case for choosing Cliqon for the infrastructure and framework for your next web site.


Every textual and image element of a Cliqon site is obtained from either the database or a text file. The database of choice is MySQL but other varieties are supported. This database can be maintained on-Cliqon using a comprehensive database management toolset. Therefore the textual content can be created, updated and deleted whenever required and these changes are immediately reflected on the website.

There are a significant number of benefits that a dynamic web-site can deliver to an owner. For example, it is an essential element of good website marketing that whenever Search Engines index the content, they find that the content is constantly being updated. This improves the ranking of the web site in the search engine listings. Another benefit is that a Cliqon derived web site can be used as an on-Cliqon catalogue for a variety of products and other items such as boats and properties and these listings can be constantly maintained and kept up to date.


Unlike other, so called, "multi-lingual" content management systems, every aspect of the Cliqon web program supports multi-lingual content, for example - catalogue items, form prompts, images with embedded text, flash movies, drop down lists, help texts and so on.

Cliqon can support any number of idioms and has been tested with most European languages. Cliqon utilises the Google translation facilities to provide a machine translation of the textual content from the master language to the other languages of the web site at the time of entry into the database not at the time of display. A machine translation is an excellent way of starting the process of content translation but will need refining and improvement in due course.

For the 25 “jurisdictions” (countries, regions or areas) of Europe  where the use of more than one language is normal, the way that Cliqon has been designed to support multiple languages is a unique method.

Design independent

Cliqon is a web design toolset with which to build web sites rather than a content management system that utilises templates. Each type of system has its own advantages and disadvantages. The Cliqon toolset can be used to underpin any web site design, that can be conceived, based on a CSS stylesheet. It can also be used to turn an existing static or single language web site into a dynamic, multi-lingual version. There are virtually no limits to what can be supported with Cliqon. However it does require a more comprehensive understanding of Dynamic HTML to achieve these graphical results.

Flexible and feature rich

Cliqon was first conceived in 2005 and has undergone continuous development since that time. It now contains a wide range of useful modules and widgets. These additional functions and facilities are intended for use by both visitor and administrator alike. The module plugin system is used by the authors of Cliqon to enhance the toolset and is also available to developers so that they can add facilities for their own customers and make the facilities available to other developers on a open source or paid basis.

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