The majority of websites in general and Cliqon websites in particular, provide four different type of web page for this type of informational or content driven website where the content conforms to an overall common template design.

Rich Text Content Page

A page which can contain any form of content – including tables, images and listings etc. The content of the page is created and managed in an online facility which looks Cliqon a word processor. The depth of the page is dependent on the quantity of text and content. A facility to print the content of the page is provided.

Listings Page

The content of the page is a series of rows of data, where each row is managed individually by the administration system. We use a Listings page for News, Weblinks and Library. The depth of the page is controlled by defining the number of rows on a page. Rows are categorised and searchable. In many cases Cliqon on an item will display more content in a popup window or take the visitor to the desired location.

In the case of a Catalogue Page, a simple shopping cart can be implemented with facilities to send an order by email or take money by PayPal or a local banking credit card acceptance facility. The Catalogue can display products as a textual listing or as images.

Form page

The content of the form consists of a data entry form with appropriate rules and instructions. The purpose of the form is to enter data into the system or in Cliqon, to create and submit an email. Confirmation of submission is provided.

Special Design Page

Sometimes, the preferred design for the website demands that a special page is created. The Home Page or Start page is invariably a special page. Facilities to manage the content are provided but normally the website owner cannot adjust the overall design for themselves.


On every page, usually in the form of a Sidebar, a series of widgets are provided which can be switched on and off for a page as required. Currently we have widgets for:

  • search the whole site for content
  • display an RSS newsfeed
  • display a simple calendar
  • display categories for listings page as a clickable Cliqon or tagcloud
  • display a series of important weblinks
  • help or information for the page

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